BITTREX:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
It's still not clear when, but the potential is there, this coin has consolidated for a very long time and this is a time for game change. More than 100% available to grab
評論: Just a side note, in none of my ideas, when I publish an idea it means I am IN. I usually never publish after geting IN with it's only purpose to pump the market. My ideas are usually a setup with an entry and exit point. After the entry point I will wait some bars and monitor the market and may get IN or NOT.
So just to make it clear, I am not IN XVG yet ! The entry point is a solid market above the 0.236 Fibo (1064) and it still didn't happen.


Shouldn't the top of the fib line (1) be placed around the last high of 2000 sats?
bitcoin jdharward
@jdharward, you can also do that, but the expansions you get are not fine-grained as the technique I am using
First target? :)
Holding for a while already
bitcoin FloTi
@FloTi, The hardest resistence is the first Fibo 0.236 (1064) than 0.5, 0.786 and 1
FloTi bitcoin
@bitcoin, thank you very much
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