Verge has a very big potential .

BITTREX:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
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Verge is a secure and anonymous cryptocurrency, built with a focus on privacy. for me verge is the future .
Concerning the trend, it is in the symmetrical triangle , my first target is 305 satoshi by trying to be very conservative
交易進行: Amazing!! the resistance is broken , it just needs a small confirmation (pull back )
交易結束:目標達成: Target reached take your profit :)
評論: Dear traders this is my XVG wallet for tips
Thank you
John Mcafee said go for this coin
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secure and anonymous cryptocurrency, built with a focus on privacy.

check your source of information verge isnt that nice like you write my m8

HMID El_Majkelo
@El_Majkelo, Why ?
@HMID, why?? why ? why? \\because just research some more about that project verge isnt privacy like zec and monero dude..
jibk El_Majkelo
@El_Majkelo, it has everything integrated in. so when activated, it is actually the only true privacy coin. Tor + Wraith Protocol.
HMID El_Majkelo
@El_Majkelo, Just to correct your OP, zcash and monero arent anonymous in the sense that both broadcast the users ip address unless the user configures them to route thru tor or i2p. im not even sure if zcash supports i2p.
@HMID, wood thanks but if something isnt working for me it isnt just if all be integrated we can speak about it ok ? have a nice trades
@El_Majkelo, It is integrated. 30x behind us, 3x infornt of us.
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