XVG on its final runs!

BITTREX:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
1700 Base Price Approaching (BUY 1700-1800 Range)
Sell wall could be smashed this time around; else we are looking at another small bounce down that is irrelevant.
Expected price unknown, but high. :)
交易進行: buy in at 1700, could be more oscillations after going past the lines I have pointed up, but regardless, a good place to settle
評論: I'll be monitoring my investment to make sure no large drops occur later on, very unlikely though.
In for the long run now!
評論: Nice little drop to grab some more xvg
評論: 1700!!! great buy
評論: out again, watching the next drop
評論: climbing up the trend line to freedom; still sellers in place to dump
評論: JUMP OUT, dipping
評論: be ready to come back in when it bottoms
評論: Buing in!
評論: might be another drop, watch the charts!
評論: down we go
評論: wraith protocol released (pointed out in chat) buy in
交易結束:目標達成: *not sure if it has been released, either way, bull flag formed on XVGUSD, ready to fly
評論: looking at another dip
評論: currently watching
評論: MACD charts on discord chat
評論: could be heading for a big drop with these buy/sell ratios 1300 range is possible
評論: buy/sell balancing, volatile times ahead :P 1400 is a point it could drop to or it could start rising
評論: dropping out
交易進行: back in for those not on the chat
評論: getting in at 1390
評論: going to stop posting on here; too volatile; tune in to chat for updates
交易進行: currently running along the down trend, get your buys in at the bottom!!
評論: it will take a while for this graph to update due to its time frame, but we are heading back up!
評論: up we go!
@thomas58700 we passed 1200 sat and going up, it starts to form bullish abandoned baby so we are getting some positive bull signals
vertigo00 rainwulf
@rainwulf, mate look at the twitter that were fake news, huge market manipulation, dump and pump, pls dont post unverified news because people are afraid and selling on the dip, why would you do that?
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Dorian942 vertigo00
@vertigo00, thanks =)
rainwulf vertigo00
@vertigo00, That was a bad move on my behalf.
vertigo00 rainwulf
@rainwulf, I'm sure you didnt do that on purpose but I had to say something because there is a lot of people that are new on the market and I know that this kind of drop causes a massive fear.
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rainwulf vertigo00
@vertigo00, Yea.. my bad. I wish i could delete it now :(
vertigo00 rainwulf
@rainwulf, we all make mistakes, the main thing is that we learn from them :)
got it below 1k, nice. Any pot sell points?
Thomas good job with analysis for XVG, you picked maybe the hardest coin to read at this moment, I think that the main problem is that people are still evaluating if this is the right price for XVG since it got up so fast. I'm hoping for reversal to 2200 sat, if it manages to break 2000 sell wall.
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