BINANCE:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
This is just a private thought so don't take this chart too seriously, but I believe that verge is in breaking point if you look at the chart and the triangle break is meant to happen at any time as Bitcoin gains strength
交易進行: Be ready if you're following Verge
評論: What do you guys think about this trade?
評論: Bitcoin seems to be stable in uptrend with main target of 18,000. We see Verge also begin major movement in few cycles. We can still see an up and down in the triangle before major break comes
評論: We are again in purchase zone
評論: I personally see it going up within 5 - 7 days which is when this triangular resistance will end. I do believe that this is a short term gainer and the chart is by far one of our best in terms of visual guides. Please still remember that this is a High Risk trade since with great jumps we can expect great drops.
評論: Also join our telegram group which is below for great discussion on this and other coins!
評論: This is a wild horse waiting to wake up
評論: Comment below with your thoughts of how high Verge might rise?
評論: Great article published yesterday about verge and potential of it in long term

Some call Verge a crypto currency that Satoshi originally was meant to make
評論: We are in our red zone which means that Verge is getting ready to move and most likely road for it is up
評論: Do stop loss at 900 if you're not interested in taking further risk in this trade
評論: Market capture is again down over 70 billion which is what is hurting Bitcoin and other alts. As I said before... Only the strong will be left after this 'manipulative' correction.
評論: Guys, how many of you have not sold? Any strong people out there?
評論: Stop Loss is at 900 for the worried investors who don't want to take in more risk. Just a reminder here.
評論: We are still above our sell stop loss of 900

We did notice a downtrend again and one of our own team analysts mentioned that we can see drop to around 600 sats but in all honestly we see same probability chances of it going up as well to over 4,000 sats.

We are trying to figure out if we will see steady growth with Bitcoin now or if it will continue the wild horse movement.

Watch next few days very very closely because much can change short term.
評論: We also would remind you to look at $ price not just satoshi price for better understanding
評論: I feel like I have to update you guys on what I'm doing myself on this trade.

I am holding with confidence, because I know that this is a tactic where we get no major news from the company which means that they want us out of this trade before the huge explosion. Everyone is not suppose to be wealthy in this world, only a few of us will reach it. Patience is key and if you believe in Verge, you got nothing to worry.

With that said I would like to point out that I am not a financial advisor so make your own decision!
評論: Recovery is a slow patience. Patience is key at this point!
評論: Recovery is a slow process. Patience is key at this point!
評論: We are again in our BUY ZONE - but be careful because we might see Bitcoin drop to low 9,000 again if we don't go over 12,500 so this is a very risky trade
評論: Verge looks very bearish
評論: We are in accumulation process with jumps up and drops down, which is fine. If you're a long term investor you have absolutely nothing to worry about!
評論: It appears to be in accumulation process however in shorter term we may see drop to low 500 if we do not see a swirl up within next days
評論: Market is bearish as a whole - be careful and mindful of sudden drops

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Hodling here!
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am here, I trust you to the end @CryptoManiac101
+1 回覆
HODL TILL 2020 lol
Nice chart
CryptoManiac101 johnbousquet4th
@johnbousquet4th, Thank you!
in for about decent amount bought in at 950 and abit in 1450. target price to sell at? to release full amt?
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ennnnnnzo ennnnnnzo
@ennnnnnzo, nice TA btw~
+3 回覆
Good time to buy in more?
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