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Hi Guys
Yesterday i did wrong count in sub waves -pink- of wave 5 -red- as i count sub wave 1 at hi 990 but today chart proves it was wrong

Today i see 2 scenarios

1- we can count 4 sub waves -pink- of wave 5 -red- & we wait for 5th sub wave to complete - i suggest it- .
2- we can count all 5 sub waves -green- of wave 5 -red- so 5th wave completed & we count abc correction as( @boarding2008 )
show me

N.B ...... there is a bullish bat formed in correction .

at all we will see a beautiful up trend tomorrow -17th April-
may reach 1750 as i mentioned before

Remember this
in December 2017 _ Wraith Protocol On Verge To Be Released Middle Of December -
this was big news in Verge - as now -
& Verge made a consolidation too - as now - before making a big move & reach 2000

Be Patient for Verge Big Move guys

評論: I guess we will reach our hi in the next 4 to 6 hours

in 1 hour chart we can count 4 waves of 5th of 5th
so take care guys we will be in the last wave 5th of 5th of 5th - in my opinion -

i think it will be formed when verge announce partnership at 2 pm GMT

so after that i will close any trade till any new opportunity

Take care & Good luck guys
評論: Thanks verge

I bought at 512 & sold at 1218 when i thought 5th of 5th of 5th wave was already over

but i was so optimistic to reach 1650
Did my suggestion the other day give you the idea? lol

glad to see a few others are on the same page as myself. As a novice it feels good to know im not wrong 100% of the time.

Here's to hoping this partnership "news" is actually as big as they are hyping.
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FINALLY SOMEONE Who gets the EW count right (IN MY OPINION, I may be wrong of course!)! I pulled out at 1340, fortunately picked the peak. Set buy orders immediately after at the 50 and 618, (840 and 720 sats) Been sat patiently waiting since, and doubting my count, with 90% of the TA's giving a count that we're correcting to the 4th.

Let's see if we're both right! ;-) Thank you for your time putting up the TA. Good luck with your postions!
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@espenespen, I think you'll be a happy chappy now. Sold out at 1397 myself, well chuffed. Now waiting until the correction is over, then rinse and repeat...
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