Fib analysis of XVG starting to move, seems supported

BITTREX:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
It has been a very volatile trip following xvg. Through all the disinformation and panic it seems to be supported as indicated on the charts and now has a balanced volume . The previous "ideal convex and concave" buy/sell volumes that supported it on the last drop have moved to being more linear with a higher sell wall at 2000. Currently teetering on the resistance line (red line) also indicated on the chart and is most likely moving into a more bull trend to continue its upper "bouncing-movement" mentioned in the previous post along the major orange support trend. Eager to see where it heads next.
評論: I've been holding since yesterday, luckily I set my stop loss at 800 as it almost touched 900 when I was away!
評論: dropping around the resistance line, but it did poke through the upper trends
評論: a good stoploss would be 920
評論: Badly marketed verge video released; their "xvg whale" videos are pretty strange haha, that could cause a temporary fall in price so I've jumped out. Currently in a profit, waiting to see if the price goes back to 900
評論: Seems to be stabilizing, now waiting for it to cross over through upper-trend lines
評論: rising nicely, looking at 1315 as the first mark it should encounter
交易進行: past 1315 still heading up along the predicted bounce route
交易進行: some more interesting drops; bought in @ 1000, stop loss set at 980
評論: she's heading down ;(, holding in xrp that is rising until xvg figures out what it is doing
評論: Pausing around 900; could be returning
評論: Forming a cup and handle indicator (bull indicator); hopefully we switch trends now
交易進行: heading back up in fib increments
awsome report thanks!
XVG has a pulse.
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sell. below support!!!
Bought at 0.00035700 at its will have to HODL for long
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it broke through support. SELL!!!
Theageofenlightenment CharlesCoinCing

I have seen multipile Bull predictions fail now. I sense we are in for a big market correction in most every crypto..... Might be a good time to pull out some cash and wait patiently.
DeanK Theageofenlightenment
@Theageofenlightenment, so do you think it's not going to bull again even next level 700?

Who knows? LOL. If we all knew We'd be Millionaires. I just get the sense that a lot of these prices are making investors skiddish, Everyone I know is putting SL up very high, Holding cash. Not buying. That coupled with all the Bull predictions that would have worked out prior. Every chart I have seen where there is a chance to go north or south 90% are going south..... Many predicting the same for BTC right now, a correction. So I am pulling out 50% and holding in my USD wallet. Something is going to crash and I am going to buy it at Pennies on the dollar....
DeanK Theageofenlightenment
@Theageofenlightenment, I see. thanks for your advice. I hope it give us good news. =)
I think xvg wil rise when iT hits €0.10 cents
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