BITTREX:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
target : 0.00000688
評論: I hope i am wrong but bitcoin is about to jerk off
The Chart is goin straight to the Target, good call
@Minatou I share @liliadelson sentiment..

Do you just not know what your speaking about and decided to post something you read on Reddit?

When people start spreading opinions about software development, it pains me (being a developer myself)

I can't tell if people are purposefully trying to derail something sometimes (funny thinking they could) or it just really is their opinion.

If this really is your opinion @Minatou, please please at least let people know that you've done zero research except for Twitter and Reddit (just my opinion, I have done zero research on your research practices) :)

Sorry I'm ranting, but I find myself categorizing this type of fud with the same people who say TRX has garbage code and a poor development team. I'd love to hear your opinion or better yet.. I'd love you to ask a question to someone, anyone who might have a basis to speak upon such things.

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Minatou n8mauro
@n8mauro, u see with ur own eyes now, u need to wait until feb , march or when the whales will give green light to move up
just bought shitloads, thx ;-)
Could be right but hasn't broken triangle yet, alittle to early. Very possible tho
I think this TA is wrong honestly.
MHa888 jjknox7
@jjknox7, lol who talked about TA
I think when it falls back 1000 satoshis itll drop, but its in a slight uphill if you look at the short term, so i still have slight hopes
Exactly, releasing a broken software and missing the official announcement befor NY. No Moon and Lambo, that promising of the release end of the year SCREWD everything, wish all good luck for Holders
@Minatou, you have checked your protocol wrhait ???Why do you say it's broken? Are you here to do FUD !!! ??? YOU HAVE REGISTERED IN TRAIDINGWIV JUST BEFORE WRITING YOUR OPINION ....
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