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Correct me if I am wrong but a trend has been identified where the long bullish flag pennant refuses to break, and there is a big spike up, then a down trend with 3 dips (or cup and handle ), then a big spike upward. I am still bullish , and I am HODLing.

In addition to the market being so slow (North Korea FUD, & top exchanges closed for new registrants), seems like we have reached red these past couple of days. I believe it is due to the fact the old money is circulating, and new money is closed off till these exchanges allow newbies to join.

I see it as we (old money) bought the pre-sale tickets to that movie/concert you wanted to go to and get to choose your seats before the influx of buyers (newbies/new money) buy at regular price.

"The two most powerful warriors are patience and time." -Leo Tolstoy

a few more sellers left than i thought bringing us down further -- but we doing the natural thing and gunna start in the correct journey

go to china.....
ahhhhh nop, lets see how this evolve further. I ain't optimistic ...
Agreed - I think you nailed it and is exactly whats happening at the moment and looking at other altcoins, they are loosing much more compared to XVG.
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