BINANCE:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
new and not sure of anything, so this is what I'm looking at for $XVG
I think it will eventually follow the red downward flag, but could also hit the green flag to ath due to timing of a new partnership...i know nothing lol.
評論: still on track for my first thought. still expect a sizable run-up to the news release on new partnership - i know nothing.
評論: well this did both of what I thought, mostly
I dunno how to place jpg's in here but I have this thing currntly on an upward channel hovering a support/resistance of ~750sat -- I will ride this new slow burn upward to about 970sat then take a little profit, then watch the trend to make a new entrance. I expect this currency to reach around 1450sat on the medium term, so roughly mid-late june.

all in my opinion, i am not a pro, obviously. dyor
評論: 51% hash attack on xvg mining today. lets see if it can bounce back into the 600-620s range in the next couple/few days
評論: lol
評論: Many people seem to believe XVG is dead - those people don't matter. Should those naysayers look at the body of work for development activity, partnerships, and community, they would realize their sense is mistaken. This coin being with 20X what is it now against the USD, in my view, is only a matter of time.
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