XVG/BTC time to decide

BITTREX:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
Ok everyone. Looks like verge is trying a small correction after an incredible run. The daily RSI is showing is still showing oversold. Todays candle seems like a doji at this point which means is a reversal. there is also a great support on the fib level to hold the price above 1100 sats . But we have to see how the day ends. On the fundamental side we have 2 major news. One Tokenpay (the major donater for the croudfund campain) announced that it is not the partner for the upcoming big news. Two the partner will use verge as their preferred system of payment. For me I love verge and what they are all about but there is great risk in building up too much anticipation among your investors. The late release of Wraith protocol can be a good example of this. It had the potential to take verge to bigger higher highs, but was released later than announced which diminished its effect in a negative way. That is why I really believe that this upcoming partnership news is really big. I don't think the team will do the same mistake of building false anticipation for Verge again.

So that is my two cents in the subject. Hope it helps to clear the minds a little bit more about Verge.

Good Luck,
Yes, but they already shifted the announcement date and did not handle the hack very well. The team has a poor track record for managing public expectations.
rakimala edward-kelly
@edward-kelly, I disagree on the hack issue, I think they responded good. You are right on the handling of public expectations that is why this time it is so important that they cannot fail.
@rakimala, Well, not looking good today.
rakimala edward-kelly
@edward-kelly, I was expecting a drawback these days, once the fud escelates
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