Further rise for XVG - Symetrical triangle spotted

BITTREX:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
382 1 0
Hi guys,

I was watching the 15 min chart and i spotted a symetrical triangle.
Look at the black ABCDE wave pattern.

Keep in mind that the volume is 3 times the volume of a week ago.

What do you guys think?
Keep in mind that Bitcoin is driving this coin since Tuesday. If you compare the charts, you will see XVG shadowing BTC with highs and lows. It will continue to do so until...

next McAfee pump
next school break when the pump and dump gangs are out again
XVG gets their sh*t together with marketing and promotion.

Perhaps XVG might start doing its own thing again when investors have confidence in BTC again.
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