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After Last night's BTC spike ruined my TA it can be seen that the price bounced well at 1110, below that 1060 showed support earlier in April.

There is a possible pennant forming that should break out around 0700 on the 14th (AEST/+10GMT). If this is is correct we can hopefully see support raised to 1200sats moving forward over the weekend. This could be great for the lead up to XVG announcement on the 17th, but by the same token can also throw the whole thing into disarray depending on market players.

Of course, as demonstrated by the BTC spike, this is all very subject to change.

I am very new to this so please feel free to comment, I welcome suggestions and corrections.
andrewmurray86 CristoJaraba
@CristoJaraba, Thanks for the comment man. I am also wondering (but hoping for up) whether or not it might drop. It's a bull flag kind of pattern in a volatile market so hopefully up, but could easily tank like it did earlier. I'm not sure how to read all that info on your chart yet but it's nice to know others are having similar ideas, albeit the break out I predict occurs much earlier than on your chart but having seen the play out over today I think I may have been off a little. Thanks again!
CristoJaraba andrewmurray86
@andrewmurray86, Thats the idea, to share and learn. In the chart, I was fooled by the last drop, but you can see that chart is the last one of a very precise chain of predictives analysis. Those are in the Update. One last pum is very possible.. but.. but.. we will see. Thanks to you bro!! Cheers!!
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