Verge(XVG) - Massive Falling Wedge(BULL)

BITTREX:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
1984 3
XVG, like most of the alts suffered severely due to the "Bleeding Bitcoin Days". But from the looks of it we are nearing the downtrends end. We currently have a massive falling wedge pattern forming and Stoch RSI supports upward movement. Don't miss out if XVG shows bullish signs.

*Remember that anything can happen if negative news come out, so always be informed.

*Every profit goal is a fib resistance line, if reached, expect a drop in price. If you want to make extra profit, sell and rebuy after every goal, but do so at your own risk!

If you agree with my chart, don't forget to like and follow for more TA's!

If you want me to analyse a certain coin, just message me the name of it and I'll get to work right away.

Good luck trading!
評論: Update:

1st, 2nd, 3rd profit goals reached!
ENG, POE, and ICX are following very similar patterns. Therefore I would assume they'll move with BTC as long as it's bullish. Any thoughts on that? Do you think that XVG or any of the other coins I listed will actually move somewhat independently of BTC in the near future?
Unless this is stickley TA, Forget abt this coin, what they are doing is basic any crap coin has it check out the New Dime coin or even apollon coin, bytecoin many more that offer Mixing and that obfucation thing they hang there hat on.
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jaytanwar Bullion_Money
@Bullion_Money, wow..what a nube you are
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