XVG is struggling to find good support

BITTREX:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
Trying to ignore the latest correction that affected all the coins, it looks like XVG is going downward until it find the next support level .

While you could argue that it is technically a pennant , it is looking more downward than symmetrical, (but I am sure I could force a more symmetrical drawing if I really wanted).

XBG will slowly keep going down to , 850 or even 780 before bouncing back up.

I am still positive for that coin as the dev team is still active and following the roadmap, they are just struggling to get their message heard, they need a better PR team.
評論: The US shutdown seems to have caused some turmoil in the Crypto markets.

I am a long term holder of XVG, but if you are day trading you might want to look for new lows around 750.

If you are BTC holding, I would wait for lows for a bargain.
Its finally spiking!
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@jjknox7, I don't think this is a 'real' spike as such.

Verge released a new version of the wallet to force stealth mode, and this is good news.

But I am hopeful that it will kick start a new upward move.
The breakout is soon. They are forking today
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@rakimala, the proposed fork is to force the hand of some pools, to the everyday user, nothing is changing. I cannot see this changing the direction of the coin in any major way.

As I said, the Dev is ongoing and on track, and, as we saw in the past weeks, they are responding to defect reports and taking steps where needed.

I am not faulting the dev, but the PR.

Also, unless I missed something, the day/time of the fork is not known... is it?

See for the 'fork' discussion.
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rakimala GoodmanSimon
The official announcement will be today. The important thing is the stealth transaction feature will be fully usable. It is a major developement on verge. Lets see how it preforms. The whole market seem to move in harmony these says
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@rakimala, one think I have learned is to be skeptical of any unsourced comments on the web.

If/When there is a fork, (or even an announcement of a fork), the market will deal with it accordingly. For now, it is nothing more than a comment by a dev in github, (and reddit).

And, from that comment alone, I can't see the market bouncing up from it, but we will see and rethink our positions accordingly.
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