patience is key for verge

BITTREX:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
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well, after a fake out it seems they're going to complete this triangle to wait for a proper break out - price still respecting uptrend resistance
Well, as people were dumping XVG's after Wraith 4.0 was released , Korean had problems which affected the whole crypto world so XVG went down even more but it held pretty well compared to many coins such as TRX. XRP got a bit away with it because of their new partnership.
gsoop MTLJ
@MTLJ, this is true, but technology hasn't change and volume has gone almost obsolete, we need a huge run here or else we'll be waiting for a loooooong time lol
MTLJ gsoop
@gsoop, technology didnt change indeed but the way of playing those coins and the market did. People are playing more conservative because of those korean exchanges being shut down.
gsoop MTLJ
@MTLJ, well the whole crypto world should be worried cause s. korea request a worldwide crackdown on cryptos
MTLJ gsoop
@gsoop, most recent news is S. korea ministry of justice decided to back off a little bit due to signed petitions and other ministries not sharing the same thoughts.
gsoop MTLJ
@MTLJ, still murky waters, but also still bullish , in it for the long run
@gsoop, Volume has to go down, this confirms that the ABCDE correction wave is actually such one. Volume needs to go to almost zero at the end of the correction. Here we are, at 1 BTC per minute. If it stays here stable, means all sellers are done and all buyers are done. This is the new level for that coin. Lets how we exit the triangle.
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gsoop TobiasSombrowski
@TobiasSombrowski, we can only hope, been watching since 5c lol
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