XVG Projected Movements and Potentially Triple Gains

BITTREX:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
XVG's new moment patterns are outlined in the chart above. As you can see we haven't gone past the 0.786 fib retracement as of yet which means there is still potential growth. Most cryptos extend themselves 1/3rd into the 1.618 range which means we could be seeing potential highs of 3000 sat if xvg breaks free from the triangle depicted. Either way we can still get some gains off of xvg by buying now and waiting till it touches the top of the triangle as it is still following the upward green support trend leaving us at 1450. If you take note of the vertical fib sequence lines in black labeled 0 1 2 3 5 8 you will see that we are approaching the 5th increment leaving a possibility of an early breakout situation if the volumes support it. If not then we should see a bounce down to the support trend again then it should challenge the triangle's boundaries (another possible breakout situation). I will be selling if it dips below the green support trend as xvg is known to be disappointing at times. If this happens then we should be seeing horizontal movement out of the triangle cone as depicted in the chart.
評論: It'll be heading down to near the pink uptrend line; xvg's "support line" (green line) is more like a guiding support line that it likes to oscillate around.
交易進行: Breakout?
評論: Waiting for xvg to form a flag, it is likely it could form a pennant. Very unlikely to go down at this point. Just a matter of time.
It just had a run. It will do a natural correction. It's in a bull market, no need to worry about it dropping. It may drop if BTC goes on a run.
thomas58700 ShawnAkers
@ShawnAkers, Yep, I agree, might be waiting a day or two now
ShawnAkers thomas58700
@thomas58700, Don't say that...I don't want to wait a day or two. LOL
thomas58700 ShawnAkers
@ShawnAkers, looking to rup in trx then move back to xvg later
thomas58700 thomas58700
@thomas58700, ride up*
ShawnAkers thomas58700
@thomas58700, Ive been waiting for a while for TRX........
thomas58700 ShawnAkers
@ShawnAkers, Yeah, waiting on some news. XVG is pretty manipulated and gets pumped up and down a lot so we could be seeing some movement soon after a small flag. Else we'll be waiting a bit longer for a large flag to form.
Hold guys, it's gonna pay off like crazy
update ?
@im_sng, no need, still on track, it'll be oscillating along the green uptrend; it's general movements are outlined already
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