BITTREX:XVGUSD   Verge / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
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Verge %50 off and its
1- So cheap 0.14 now
2- Reasonable market cap $1,965,293,102 USD (it is so small if you compare with other coins, it does not need crazy amount of people to invest to make price 1$ or more)
3- It touched the support line and start consolidating already.
4- Most of the coins are pumped enough and Verge is still has potential to go up.
5- This is one of the coin that people mostly talking about.
6- Its a privacy coin
7- Verge is the most rising coin of 2017 . If you check it from Cryptocurrecy markets price sections and performance and yearly section. It raised 166986.95%
評論: Also Verge is the only coin way BELOW 1$ in TOP20 Total marketcap... Huge potential to over 1$ soon.
評論: Korean Exchange now allows #xvg /USDT trading! Join us in gladly welcome all of our new korean members to the #VergeFamily! Let's push #UPBIT so it become's even easier for our family by letting people do XVG/KRW(South Korean Won) trades next! #verge $xvg
we all hope for this! should get to 10$.
It has use in comparison to other coins
so much hate on verge, wait till it break out, and it will. verge will easily get that 70c
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gxxxg xellos
@xellos, why people hate verge ?
xellos gxxxg
@gxxxg, its just the talk going around, wraith wasnt released on time, its a pump and dump, wraith wasnt working correctly when it came out etc

i care not for news but only for TA
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gxxxg xellos
@xellos, This is crptowold things can change so fast (on negative and positive side)..... Verge is now only coin is under 1$ on top20 of the market. People who is new will see its potential when they see it on the list. Everything just a matter of time.
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