VERGE (XVG) - High Risk, High Reward, Target +311% to $0.165 USD

BITTREX:XVGUSD   Verge / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
I'm seeing Verge is Bullish with the flag nearly formed, which will signal the continuation of the previous 300% rally, for an additional 300%.

The additional 300% appears to have a starting position right near the 61% Fib retracement line.

Also, Ichimoku shows we'll be touching the shoulder of support for a likely push upward.

Expect this to start tonight or early Monday morning.

交易進行: I'm partially out of this trade, but still have some in a position. Since everything went sideways yesterday, I've been looking for something to jump on that will do 30-300%, but seems EVERYTHING is near dead.

I expect things to pick up again shortly.. typical lul period after a lot of rallies.
交易進行: I'm fully in with this trade now. We broke the second to last fib line upward and moving up. Hopefully we break through the ATH and push for the +311% target over the next few hours.

Good luck!
交易進行: Been holding all night. Last hour, the launch has begun. We're touching and pushing that top Fib line and it appears we've just broken the ATH.

Here it goes! Hold.. last 7 days has been 727%!
交易結束:目標達成: Looks like we've reached this exactly on point at 0.165 before dropping off slightly after.

I expect to trade it again.
Thanks for your analyse!:)

What do think about E BOOST? It also has a small marketcap of just 6 million.
It looks like the overhyped Experience Points with a marketcap of 1 billion!
They also have a collaboration with Mockit, they have more than 1 million users and they will use Eboost in the future.


Thanks :)

just came across this call and unfortunately i missed out.... but man what a call, i'll certainly be following your next one.
+1 回覆
nice call !
I have to admit, I doubted your call after I went in at 0.06. But after going in heavy and cashing out at high 0.15 im very happy now. Thanks
You are absolutely nuts man! First time I can follow your ideas and it worked perfectly.
Well done mate I owe you! Your absolute belief in this trade convinced me to go in too and it came through in the end.
target achieved, pumps are getting massive and unreal leading 300% to 500% 1000% gains, why the retracement and pulback are short and no corruption happens? i dont see XVG going down less 0.1 now. this is rape on steroids
hi /are u here?
tnx man
no update?
Will you exit completely or hold some for the long term? Thanks for your great charts.
Any quick thoughts?
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