BITTREX:XVGUSD   Verge / Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Hi all, my 1st post.

I would appreciate / encourage anyone who sees a different outcome to comment. (preferably with your reasoning)

I'm still relatively new to TA and would really like some feedback on my projected targets.


Hi every one ! just hold your coins it is an undervalued coin ...
which coins is better than a more privacy coin like verge with this price ?!
Moreno is near 380-400 $ now ...
so as i know this coin belong to strong investor need privacy !
no one know how have how much verge and where go transaction with tor network
Strong team & big trade markets

The rallies of Verge is coming soon .
Just hold our verge coins .
i hold my verge coins and wait.... .
If BTCs current phase is an Symetric ABCDE correction wave, at least the 0.35$ will be reached and BTC might see new smaller ATH as well in two weeks.
If BTC is within an bearflag, then all ALTS will go nowhere and sink like titanic with BTC together to 50% of current value.
Who knows... would be nice if this played out like that. Can’t help you or give feedback... I’m even newer then you with TA. Want to learn ;)
professional_n00b PatrickvanDijk
@PatrickvanDijk, *fingers crossed*
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