XZC breaking out

BITTREX:XZCBTC   ZCoin / Bitcoin
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Lots of buzz around this coin, I just look at the chart and I see a break out after a deep pullback.

Try to buy after a consolidation or correction in a bullish pattern (see link below)
Will update later when I can determine a target.
Sep 25
評論: broke out and is making a long bullflag on higher timeframe.
Looks to me as it could make a big move soon
Now where ? (;
amazing! got in at 0.00247999 :)
Hey there. If you have a moment, would you show how you'd calculate targets for XZC - assuming that it has now broken out? Best,
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Carter Thomas at Coin Mastery TV mentioned it in one of his youtube/podcast episodes this week. Carter has 38K subscribers so no doubt they agreed with his assessment
yeah, i'm in this coin, has a good potential
Volume increase looks good
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