YNDX long idea

I think YNDX presents an attractive entry at its current price. The stock has been trending upward since late 2016 (see regression channel). Yesterday, amid broader weakness in Russian names following the US-Russian dispute over alleged gas attacks by the Syrian army, YNDX dropped from the middle of its regression channel all the way out. Today that weakness continued and the stock is now at a 61.80% retracement level of the runup during its almost 18-month bull run.

Besides the Fibonacci level, there's past support in the horizontal rectangle stemming from its 4 months consolidation in the current price range, late last year.

My idea would be to go long YNDX around today's closing price, with a stop around 32.50 and a target of around 37.00. My rationale would be this: Given the strength and duration of the past momentum in YNDX , I would be surprised to see the stock roll over without an attempt to recapture the bottom end of its regression channel. If the stock would remain in the horizontal rectangle for more than past the end of next week, I would close the trade, as momentum would likely have dissipated by that time.
Apr 11
評論: Got in this am at 34.31 and took profit on half of my position just now at 35.96. Willing to let the rest ride. Still gunning for the price target at 37.
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