Don't forget about this perfectly neutral chart!

83 12 11
These kind of tight consolidations lead to heavy breakouts and big moves... to be continued...
thanks to you i am in and in profit (tiny pos), where r ur targets thinking about 1:2 rr as my entry or the flag target. also looking to add more
@TAJIR_B, first tgt is 394. But it can easily go to 420 as well.
TAJIR_B Kumowizard
@Kumowizard, i think i will close some at these levels and try to add on any dip.

btw have a look at wheat seems its going to move now
Amazing, but it is still within the triangle!
waiting for today close, seems we r going to break:

my strategy will be a buy order above today close, with sl few pips under today low.

what do u think ?
@TAJIR_B, that is a too tight stop. Trade smaller size with wider stop. Implement a rock solid money and risk management strategy.

I am already long. Both in options and outright
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TAJIR_B Kumowizard
@Kumowizard, maybe with daily ks.

yahhh seems really good, but i will go with today close
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Crazy how neutral this still is. I have been more biased to the downside but I will continue to stay patient and hope to ride the potential big move when the breakout comes. I hope we can both catch it. Thanks for sharing your work.
Kumowizard SharkbaitAl
@SharkbaitAl, commodities can do nothing for months (move in a thin sideaway range), then suddenly start a massive trend, 20-30-50 % move. During these low volatility periods it worths to try playing with options strategies.
waiting for it
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