short PUT on Corn

CBOT:ZC1!   玉米期貨
249 2
According to the seasonal pattern (summer rally), Corn Future is on its move to higher ground also raising volatility along its move upward. This trend is supported by the commercials' net long position, which comes from the closing out of the short positions. OI is rather low, meaning that public is not the driving source behind the price movement.

Option Trade Idea:
  • short Put 355
  • duration 60 days (July 17th 2017)
  • Premium: 1 7/8 (x5000) = appr. 100$ per option
  • Delta: 11
  • Volatility: 22.2%
Hi, Delta 10. I'm impressed by the data capturing of your indicators. I am a forex trader though, where can I get the COT Indicators applicable to the futures market and forex pairs. i.e open interest indicators, commercials indicators, and large speculators indicators. I'll really appreciate your help. Thanks.
mikedbu Xavier_M
@Xavier_M, Hi, have you recieve some answer from delta10? cheers
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