ZClassic-->free Bitcoin Private info, market overview+targets

BITTREX:ZCLBTC   Zclassic / Bitcoin
Dear all,

I am posting here all necessary info and recap regarding ZCL-->free Bitcoin Private hard fork info:

Fork info:

- hard fork date 28.2.2018 (date of snapshot)
- all ZClassic HODLers will receive Bitcoin Private coin free
- ratio 1:1 ZCL to BTCP, as many coins of BTCP you have, the same amount coins of BTCP you receive
- Mainnet launch of BTCP 2 days later
- circulating supply of ZClassic only 3.3 M !

Market overview:

- BTCP focuses on privacy, anonymous transfers, has replay protection
- BTCP will use conservative people which want to use "Bitcoin brand" on privacy transfers and dont want use other coins focusing of privacy like Monero, Verge, etc. "Bitcoin" brand strong here
- BTCP team is very serious and experienced
- 21.2. will be BTCP conference regarding BTCP with devs and engineers
- BTCP team applied for adding BTCP to Binance already !!!
- BTCP longterm price should also rise
- ZCL main volume on Bittrex and Cryptopia
- It seems Bittrex will be accepting new users from next week!
- Bittrex announcement regarding ZCL-->BTCP fork support in week from 19.2. (it seems it will be supported from 90% - it seems ZCL HODLers dont need to transfer ZCL to adequate wallet)
- ZCL is expected to MOON til fork


I am more that bullish on ZCL , positive news everywhere around this fork. Conservative target 0.05 sats , bullish 0.1 sats .

Happy trading!

XMR looking better, Trezor being added, Asic resistant, better privacy, better community, longer term vision
great call bro
Its highly recomended to trade ZCL on Bittrex,Cryptopia had some technical issues
The circulating supply of BTCP will be 6x ZCL's post snapshot (every BTC holder gets 1:1 also). Be careful holding through the fork. I smell a dump.
@mamc5918, yea ZCL will dump after fork,until fork it will touch the moon!
@mamc5918, secondly,extreme low circulating supply of ZCL means its price increase!
nice, jw, what 0.05 sats prediction based on?
@royeo, thanks! Its based on prediction I have read from many sources about BTCP futures price combined with ZCL
Good summary thank you!
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