Zclassic ZCL In Buy Zone Soon - 1,750% ?? (LOW RISK)

BITTREX:ZCLBTC   Zclassic / Bitcoin
Zclassic has dropped a lot recently, however high prices for BTCP might change Zclassic's negative community.

Low risk only when we get to buy zone, before that it will be a Medium Risk.

There are no targets as of today, just demand zone where I believe it should drop. This is our buy zone for medium term hold for next bull run.

Undersold RSI , healthy MACD .

Not much more info on this coin yet, just wanted to share with you our safe buy zone!

Do not invest what you can't afford to lose! We are not your financial advisors.
評論: Going up, I still see it going to or near demand zone within a week. Long term holders should already be in this trade.
評論: Back into downward spiral
評論: Going down according to plan
評論: Slowly going down - not a good short term investment if you were thinking about it
評論: As expected moving down, we are still not buying just yet guys - patience

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@scondon, They have gave the community a template to propose what happens in the long you think they would do that if they thought they weren't going to receive a bunch of them?
this coin is dead. the team said they will no longer be working on this coin.
AndrewDavis5 bigworm1981

ZClassic Development Consideration:

• Masternodes
• Anonymity, 100% Privacy
• TOR/I2P Integrated Wallet
• Improved Scalability
• Incentives to attract more Miners
• Updating ZClassic's code base to Zcash's current version
( $ZCL & $BTCP uses very old, outdated code)

Do note, this message is not from the original/previous ZClassic team.
This is a list of ideas being gathered for discussion by the potentially new dev team.

Please feel free to submit additional ideas/suggestions to us here.
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cryptomix415 bigworm1981
@bigworm1981, yeah, umm...if you think people are going to pick this up you are wrong. Watch.
cryptomix415 cryptomix415
@cryptomix415, ooooopps...I mean, and I will be clear. I meant...if you think people (devs) are not NOT going to pick this up you are wrong. People will keep mining this and devs will see oppurtunity. Clearly.
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