ZEC (ZCASH) - A potential opening for those not in

BITFINEX:ZECBTC   Zcash / Bitcoin
233 6
ZCash is an interesting coin. With only 1 million or so in circulation, this price is going to skyrocket once it meets any sort of major marketing cycle. A breach of .12 would be a pretty safe opening and only a risk of 25% should it decide to drop. The cup and handle was tested and broken, we're currently consolidating before the next movement. Based on it hovering near the top of this box, it should continue north as expected.
Uh oh, dipping back down. Any update on this?
Hybred patrickreiner
@patrickreiner, Still worried? :)
@Hybred, Haha no :)
Looks like it broke out! Do you recommend any specific sell targets?
Hybred patrickreiner
@patrickreiner, 23 and 35 are next fibs, but I generally just hold and place stops under consolidations.
@Hybred, thank you! Yeah holds are great if you know you can be online to place stops. I appreciate the graph and the tips, thanks!
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