Decision time for Zcash

BITFINEX:ZECBTC   Zcash / Bitcoin
Confirmation: 0.050
Target 1: 0.070
Target 2: 0.095
Target 3: 0.150
Stop: 0.045

RSI's look like they are stalling out, but ZEC has found support on the previous resistance line of 0.045 BTC . Hoping for accumulation and strengthening support above this line. A solid break/close above 0.050 btc = its go time.
交易進行: Here we go...
評論: Failed to build support at .05, time to test the 0.045 level again. If this level breaks, set stops accordingly. Next strong support is just above 0.03 where the "shoulders" are on my drawing. Not investment advice... good luck trading.
評論: Bounced off the ~0.045 support and RSI's curling upward... fingers crossed
評論: Heard some spots are open at Binance, If anyone wants a referral link, here you go:
評論: Still lingering in the neutral zone... looking to test that .045 line again.
Fractals don't always work out, but it looks eerily similar to the start of the previous pump.
評論: holding the resistance line strong with a bounce back above 0.05. Fingers crossed!
評論: Why am I still Long Zcash... it is well funded, has active developers, low supply, moderate market cap, and most of all, has not pumped yet,
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