Panic attack , sleepless night

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A Twitter user with the name of Victor M. said "im seriously considering suing kraken. anyone interested as well?" The Tweet got more than 300 likes. A user with the name North Canton Cab Com tweeted to Kraken saying "due to the length of down time can you at least assure us that our coins and accounts are safe and havent been hacked or stolen please, seems beyond any normal circumstance at this point when people are worried sick!"

Such news are making people interested and invested in cryptocurrencies sleepless. Is my coins safe? That is their number one worry. IF the exchange cannot even protect my capital, who can?

Banks have some form of guarantee for the savers's deposits in event if the bank collapsed.

Of course this differs from bank to bank, country to country as well.

So if you want to sleep well at night, ensure you trade with what you can afford to lose, take partial profits, manage your position size, have SL in place ,etc. Sounds common sense ? I know but common sense may not be commonly practised
評論: beautifully executed. congrats to those who follow
評論: Notice at 1pm , there was a nice classic pin bar, giving sellers a sign to sell? Now the sign repeats , get ready for more selling.
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