Extended "V" formation on ZEC.

POLONIEX:ZECBTC   Zcash / Bitcoin
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In the market, as elsewhere, where is profit, there is risk. And, generally speaking, the greater the potential profit, the greater the risk. V formations are the hardest to anticipate but a lot of odds are stuck in our favor at this moment.

The parabolic downtrend was interrupted by "consolidation" phase before the final low. Volume picked up during Initial markup phase(#BC) and overall V-shaped volume and confirmed the validity of the pattern. Platform slants moderately down and volume dried up what good signal. This formation will be regarded as completed when the price breaks through the high of the Platform on heavy volume .

Good news: We are at the exact market cycle that plays out again in 2016-17. BTC correct, XRP trying to overlap BTC and then ZEC mooned. Study of what happened at may 2017 and you will get to the point but that's another story.
order cancelled? what do you mean
@ali7861, Inverted Head and shoulders is about to form on BTC chart. If this happens, I think we will see FOMO buying of BTC and all alts will fall. I don't know if this will happen, use stop loss. Thant only means, that I will come back later
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