Zcash BAT

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Bat about to reach D @ 88.6. Price is coming fast so probably a good idea not to enter directly at 88.6 but wait for a bounce and a higher low then enter. If this pattern works and the low at 313 holds this will then become C in a much larger butterfly pattern to the upside with 1st profit target of 815€. If not then get out at 313!!
交易進行: Price is retesting the 88.6 level, really important that this holds, If so really good especially as there is a missed weekly central pivot above. if not 313 is the time to call it a day and get out.
交易結束:達到停損點: OK this is a learning opportunity. With BAT patterns while they can start a significant turn around. dont expect more of a bounce than the preceding BC leg. Once that has happened move stop to break even and if price shoots up then great but if not as in this case with ZEC you are protected.
Thanks for sharing your analysis.
keep us updated, please
maybe money to be picked up end of the week....
Gmanns777 MrSteele
@MrSteele, indeed :)
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