ZEC Seeks to save himself "twice"

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ZEC Seeks to save himself "twice"

we were set maps for zec
"first one" was gain good profit for is he follow it


after that we set the second map it`s same but at another exchange Vs usdt


the both map set for get best places for buy or sell and get the full zone for movements in zec

the last one was short yes

1 at USDT

another in BTC

the both of two maps work fine

Yes 2 maps work fine zec cash get dips and get our buy zone in 2 maps :)

I'm kidding with you

Btc map get our but limit as we expected all thanks to Allah

But why all this talk is useless??!! you ask this question right now

i will explain now why ZEC Seeks to save himself

if u look at zec-btc get dips right but at usdt zec not get our dips This is due to the rise of the Bitcoin
when we share a map in usdt we were expecting zec will get $110 / $ 88 yes that true

when we sahre the price of btc was between $2200 / 2000 i think

if btc was at the same price $2200 and zec do as he do vs btc

was get our $110 as we said in the first "2 maps was work fine and succeeded

"0.048 * $2200= $105 for 1 zec

but zec saving him self

as he do the same now

when btc try for get the correction

zec started bounce Vs btc

i recommend for Investment in zec for a while as we said at the first map vs usd

maybe until 2/2018

as we see from chart zec do well in both and he should do that why?

if he didn't we will see $162 $150 and it`s will be bad in BTC and usdt and more bad for a good coin like zec

capital management recommend

we ask Allah reconcile and repay
評論: if you follow you were Seeks you save yourself today :)

All thanks to Allah
Any updates, thanks.
new update please .......
Link not working ;)
HamadaMark AndyinBrixton
@AndyinBrixton, mean that

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