ZILLIQA cup formed and handle forming on the 2hr chart

BINANCE:ZILBTC   Zilliqa / Bitcoin
On the 2hr chart we have a clear cup formed after falling out of a ascending bearish wedge and a handle which is in progress. Bullish sentiment returned with the testnet live news on the 06-04-18.

I believe the handle will form over the next 10-12hrs and we will see a push toward a new ATH -0.27% .

My personal targets are

T1 - 800 - There will be a lot of sell pressure at this level but as new volume enters due to new interest we should be able to punch through T1.
T2 - 900 - The sell pressure at 800sats seems artificial and will likely move as momentum increases.
T2 - 1000 - I believe whales and day traders will take some profit at this point and it will retrace and retest 1000sats again prior to pushing past it.

****I do not intend to take profit****

Nor am i advising anyone too, this is not financial advice. That is at your own discretion. These are the targets i believe it will hit in coming days. We have skirted 800sats already peaking at 782sats and have a potential bull flag forming on the 4-6hr charts.

Long term Zilliqa is looking very healthy and is attracting the spotlight due to solid development work and the successful test net launch.

If you have any questions please fire away, i will work to increase chart quality going forward based on feedback. I have been running and updating this chart since i entered on the 09-04-18. I will continue to update this chart as it develops.

Best Regards
評論: Handle is continuing to form, i believe 680sats is the lowest it will hit before reversing.
評論: Handle fully formed and we have bounced out of it topside
Nice one.
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