ZIL/BTC - 4h Graph Bullish Move

BINANCE:ZILBTC   Zilliqa / Bitcoin
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Fact 1: Zilliqa is a project with healthy fundamentals.
Fact 2: Alt Coins are popping so you should expect the ones which have a decent product and a strong community behind it to start making moves like Golem yesterday when they announced the mainnet push.

We have a bearish trend line which was broken with REALLY good volume and, as we know, volume precedes the price.
On April 10 before the trend line break happened for good there was a huge "uncertain" bullish bar which in our context was a sign that the bears are starting to lose the game.

I entered on this at 590 knowing that the first target will be the resistance of previous break out at 619. Similar to the ARK trade I posted, if the price will come with volume and break that level, the bulls are officially in control and levels 650 & 700 will be reached pretty easy unless super weird news comes in.

Guys, don't miss this one. You can enter now ( volume is good ) or you can enter on the break of 619-620 level, but I am pretty sure ( we are in the markets in the end, everything can happen) this can move 40-50% up in the next weeks. It will be a good ride.

評論: Guys, on the hourly graph, the break and retesting happened so it's time :)
評論: Guys, we are up around 25% now. We were 30% but obviously the price retraced to previous high since we are basically in no man's land from now on, searching for a new level.

1/2 of my position is out at this level and I leave the other 1/2 running for now since Zilliqa is a project with a really cool community and strong fundamentals.
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