TradingView REST API Specification for Brokers

This API specification lets brokers build a bridge & connect their backend systems to TradingView, which acts as a frontend. The bridge built using this API specification can be used in 2 products — TradingView Web Platform & Trading Terminal. Check the info page for more info & email with any questions.

Technical Info


This specification has been generated using outstanding Swagger technology. Swagger will do most of the work for you. Download TradingView Swagger specification, Copy-Paste it into Online Swagger Editor and generate a server using 1 of 26 frameworks.

Data & Order support vs Orders Only

When TradingView already has data that your customers will need (i.e. certain stocks, FX), you can do Orders Only option. This way you avoid having to supply your own data and about half the work. For the Trading Terminal you will always need to supply both data & order support, since it’s a standalone product that you host.

How to use

Select your preferred integration option and click the appropriate sections to see the list of requests that need to be implemented. You will be able to see the parameters along with the responses by clicking on any available request.

Try It Out

You can send a request to our demo server and see a response as an example. Click the Try it out button, complete the required fields and click Execute afterwards. You should be able to see our server’s response to your request.

Please use 'test' as both the login and password in order to send the authorize request. Please use '0' as the numeric value for the accountId parameter in requests.

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