Earnings Line+

Growth stock investors are concerned with Earnings per share that is growing, Sales (Revenue) that is growing and Increasing gross margins. This indicator helps view each of these parameters.

On the chart is Tesla (TSLA) gross margin (blue line) on a 12 trailing months basis (TTM). As you can see, TSLA's margins appear to be eroding.

The user selects one of the following parameters to display from the input drop down menu:
The value axis for your selection will appear on the left side of the chart.

The user also selects one of the following periods: "FY", "FQ" or "TTM" (Fiscal year, fiscal quarter or 12-trailing months). You have an option to display the inputs by checking the box. This is useful as a reminder but can be removed if the label is in the way.

The chart will render on any chart time scale, however longer time scales will probably be of more value. Weekly charts work well.

It is not possible to display more than one line simultaneously because of axis incompatibilities. However, it is possible to load this indicator multiple times and select different items in each. In this case additional left-side scales will be shown as well as additional lines. Common pairings are Revenue (Sales) and Earnings, or, Revenue and Gross Margin.

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