Burgerized MTF BB + Reverse Engineering RSI (RERSI) + Hidden S&R

This is a mod of a script by informanerd that has helped me immensely with my trading setup.
HUGE HUGE HUGE credit to him! Check him out! He gave me permission to publish this and so here I am, sharing it with you. I hope you all like it!
This version is functionally essentially the same - the difference is in visualization choices and automation.
Instead of selecting different timeframes, and thus having to change not one but 4 timeframes manually every time you look at a different time frame on the main chart, I found (with help from the kind community in the Pine Script chat right here on Tradingview!) a method to choose multiples so that you can have consistent results no matter what timeframe you are looking at.
Default is set to multiples of 2, 4 and 8 which is the system I found works best for myself personally.
I also changed visualization - crossovers are now highlighted in the background of the respective bands. By default I have chosen different transparency levels for crossovers then sitting inside the bands. This destroyed the ability to modify colors the old school way in Style tab, but I have added inputs for all the relative settings so you can modify the visual aspect to your hearts content, as I know my colors make most people barf (something I did when I was younger maybe?).

Hope the nice barfs of color help you quickly see trends and reversals - I know they help me! Happy trading, no matter your timeframe! xD


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