Cumulative Volume Price

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Cumulative Volume Price

The indicator aims to display a weighted average price based on cumulative volume and cumulative price within defined lengths.

How it works
  • Calculation Steps:
    Cumulative Volume (cumvol): the cumulative total volume.
    Cumulative Price (cumprice): the cumulative closing price.
    Net Value (net): Calculates the weighted average price by dividing the cumulative price by the cumulative volume.

  • Formula:
    net = (cumulative price * volume) / cumulative volume

  • Check for Rising Trend:
    Utilizes a simple moving average to detect rising trends.
    Uses the ta.rising() function to identify if the simple moving average is rising.
    If the condition is met, the net value is retained; otherwise, it is inverted.

Positive Values (Green): Indicates a positive weighted volume average price, potentially suggesting upward price momentum or buying pressure.
Negative Values (Red): Represents a negative weighted volume average price, possibly signaling downward price momentum or selling pressure.

Trend Confirmation: Helps confirm trends based on changes in the weighted average price.
Volume-Price Relationship: Illustrates the relationship between cumulative volume and price movement.
Added types of moving average and linear regression curve. In case of using linear regression curve length must be around 50

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