Volume Scale by Price (VSP)

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Volume Scale by Price (VSP) show volume of bar in y-axis (price-axis) with options below:

1. Number of histogram
* Number of histogram = 0 => do not plot volume histogram
* Number of histogram = 1 => plot volume of 21 lasted bar (bar to bar )
* Number of histogram = 2 => plot volume of 21 bar next histogram 1 (bar to bar )

2. Line width
* Columns width of histogram

3. Volume scale ratio
* Scaling histogram with justifiable ratio depend on time frame and symbol

4. Histogram color
* Color of histogram
* Base on idea of @sam_m400 about Multi Time Frame mode, the script has updated with following details:

1. Adding Muti Time Frame Mode: M5, M15, M30, H1, H4

2. Update Notes:
* Due to limited of drawing data, to enable MTF Mode, pls adjust No. histograms <= 1.
* Due to limited of function "security", the MTF Mode show only volume of lasted 18 bars.

3. Thank @sam_m400 for your idea.
Add Buy & Sell color to Histogram.

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