j trader Model

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An indicator designed to trade indices using the jtrader model and ICT concepts.

jtrader Model:
Below are the key points to trade this model:
  1. Power of 3 is the key element of this model.
  2. Accumulation during pre NY open.NY Open represents 9:30am opening of NY Stock Exchange.
  3. Manipulation(JUDA) immediately after NY open. Juda is a manipulated move by the indices after the session open.
  4. Distribution as a reversal with BOS ,Heatmap preferably during Macros. Distribution is market phase where it moves towards its original expansion during macros. Macros are 20 minute time windows where indices give moves with strong force. Heatmap represent kis point of interests for the trade.

Indicator Features:
  • Creates a complete window of trading with key elements needed to trade The jtrader Model.
  • Identify and marks key points of interests (POIs).
  • Identify and highlights key swing points of Sessions, Days, Weeks, True open etc.
  • Highlights the NY Open.
  • Highlights the Macros.

Indicator Settings:
  • Enable/Disable any POI marking.
  • Adjust session time ranges.
  • Adjust enabling of model poi marking time window.
  • Choose color of choice for highlighting the POI.
  • Enable/Disable Macros.

This indicator will gradually updated with new features to trade the jtrader model. Your feedback will help us improve and enhance this indicator.
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