Daily Weekly Monthly Yearly Opens

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This script plots the current daily, weekly and monthly opens (all enabled by default).

Here are some additional info about the drawing behavior:
  • Daily open is shown only on intraday timeframes
  • Weekly open is shown only on timeframes < weekly
  • Monthly open is shown only on timeframes < monthly
Add an option to show tails on opens (disabled by default). Tails can help to better visualize how price previously traded at these levels.

In addition, for low timeframes, it provides a work around for PineScript not drawing a line if the open isn't yet visible on the screen.
Allow changing colors
Minor fix on updating issue.
  • Add yearly open
  • Allow individual coloring
  • Minor fixes and improvements
  • Enable showing previous opens with an option to project lines on the right side
  • Display values on the price scale, status line, and data window
  • Upgrade labels with tooltips showing opening prices
  • Add alerts
  • Expose new setting for discovering opening prices from the intraday instead of high time frames
  • Expose new setting for plotting opening prices from extended hours instead of regular hours
  • General improvements

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