UT Bot v5

This is an update by request, on someone elses strategy! well more of an edit, but also update from pine v4 to pine v5.
//CREDITS to HPotter for the orginal code. The guy trying to sell this as his own is a scammer lol.
//Edited and converted to @version=5 by SeaSide420 for Paperina

The UT Bot v5 is Movinging average (the MA) vs ATR (the ATR is in the form intended for use as trailing stop loss (ATR_TSL))
Entry logic:
buy = the MA > ATR_TSL and Price > ATR_TSL
sell = the MA < ATR_TSL and Price < ATR_TSL

The Moving average type can be changed in the settings:
options = "SMA", "EMA", "WMA", "HMA"]

the edits i made were:
convert to v5
Add TP and SL
Add Buy only or Sell only option
Add MA type option
Add price source option
Draw MA and ATR_TSL on-chart

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