QQE MT4 Glaz-modified by JustUncleL

This version of the original indicator by Glaz, is just some minor modifications to match the requirements of my "QQE Cross Indicator Alert". The QQE indicator is not a new idea it has been around for a while, there are a number of articles available on the internet explaining the QQE indicator.
Nov 25
發布通知: Minor Updates
  • Upgraded to Pinescript V3
  • Set Defaults to better suite Longer TF swing analysis
  • Added option to highlight each RSI/QQE cross overs.

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Is it possible to add color bars based of the histogram. over threshold green, under threshold red and inside threshold white? If so how, when I tried to add color bars it kept all the bars one color
@Jose5770, Should not be difficult, the histogram color is defined by the "hcolor" from line 72. You could just add a line 76 say

barcolor(color=hcolor,title="Bar Color")

that should work.
I absolutely love this indicator, it can be used in many ways! I was wondering if you happen to know if it repainted Thanks
@montyjus, There is no forward looking code so it should not repaint on closed candles.
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