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This Indicator is based on "ICT Killzones" - sessions in which price moves the "cleanest" and usually has the most volume.
The script is able to either display Killzones as a Label above current bars, or in form of lines on top or bottom of the charts.
Also, the user is able to choose between Forex Killzones and Indices Killzones.

times for killzones:
-London 0200-0500
-NY 0700-1000
-London 0200-0500
-NY AM 0830-1100
-NY PM 1330-1600

⚠️ Open Source ⚠️
Coders and TV users are authorized to copy this code base, but a paid distribution is prohibited. A mention to the original author is expected, and appreciated.

⚠️ Terms and Conditions ⚠️
This financial tool is for educational purposes only and not financial advice. Users assume responsibility for decisions made based on the tool's information. Past performance doesn't guarantee future results. By using this tool, users agree to these terms.
changed nykz from 0700-1200 to 0700-1000
indicator is now hidden above 60 minutes timeframe
one can choose the line-style of the vertical lines
added asia/cbdr/flout range and some more tweaks

option to choose between wicks/bodies for the ranges
range maximum pips
extend range highs and lows until broken
killzones now accurately show the killzones, no matter what timeframe the user is on and future contracts also work fine.
standard setting for killzones is now "Indices", but can be changed to forex killzones in the settings
fixed asia/cbdr/flout/ons high/low bug, if the first candle created high/low of the range
updated ONS Session by TheCurrencyMerchant


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