Basic candle patterns

Basic candle patterns marker marks:

- Doji stars
- Doji graves
- Doji dragonflies
- Hammers
- Reversed hammers
- Hanging mans
- Falling stars
- Absorption up/down
- Tweezers up/down
- Three inside ups/downs
發布通知: Patterns added:

- Triple soldiers
- Triple crows
發布通知: Golden cross and death cross added.
發布通知: - Morning star
- Evening star
從常用腳本中移除 新增至常用腳本


Thank you for this script
Can you add Morning and evening stars marker in the basis script ? So we have all markers in the same script
RomanLosev Havane3
@Havane3, Thanks for that. I forgot it. Can you please verify if script updated for you? Does it needs to re-add the script? or it updates itself automatically...?
Havane3 RomanLosev
@RomanLosev, I will need to remove and add again the script. But the script is not yet updated
hi i just want to ask how to change the doji candle color to gray. only one color for all doji candles without the title of dojis.
just change the color ?
@lil58, Not possible.
I think the script should be very simple.

If you need you can copy and edit it.
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