SLOPED Trailing SL with ATR-V1

SLOPED Trailing SL with ATR

I thought capital is sometime locked for long periods s when volatility is low, hence:

SLOPED Trailing SL with ATR

This indicator provides a trailing stop loss that dynamically adjusts based on the Average True Range (ATR) and incorporates a user-defined upward slope on flat areas. It is designed to follow the price movement more closely during trends while allowing for a customizable slope to maintain a trailing stop even when the price movement is flat.

Key Features:
ATR-Based Stop Loss:

Utilizes the ATR to calculate a dynamic stop loss level, adjusting to market volatility.
Provides a normal ATR stop loss line that only trails upwards, preventing it from decreasing.
Upward Slope on Flat Areas:

Adds a user-defined upward slope to the trailing stop loss when the price movement is flat.
The slope value is specified in 1/1000 increments (e.g., 0.1% per bar), allowing for fine-tuned control.

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