Crypto Force Index


The Crypto Force Index ( CFI ) indicator helps us understand the current strength and weakness of the price. It is very useful when used on high timeframes for investment purposes and not for short term trading.
To determine the strength and weakness of the price, a level grid based on the RSI indicator is used.
Based on the RSI value, red circles (oversold condition) and green circles (overbought condition) appear under the price candles. The more intense the color of the circles, the more that the current price is in an overbought or oversold condition.
The signal levels are all configurable to adapt the indicator across multiple instruments and markets.
The default configuration have been designed to obtain more accurate signals on Ethereum and Bitcoin , using the weekly timeframe .

Why Crypto Force Index?

The Crypto Force Index ( CFI ) is the consequence of my study of investments based on the accumulation plan. I wanted to demonstrate that I am improving the returns of the classic DCA (dollar cost averaging) and VA (value averaging).
After finding my own model of an accumulation plan, I decided to create the Crypto Force Index to help me visually enter the market.
The formulas of the indicator are very simple, but my studies confirm the power of this tool.

How are the signals to be interpreted?

The Crypto Force Index helps us to highlight the overbought and oversold areas, with the use of circles under the price of candles and with a thermometer inserted at the base of the graph, where all the phases of strength and weakness are highlighted.
As soon as the red circles start to appear on the chart, that may be a good time to enter LONG to the market and start accumulating. If the circles are green, we can consider decreasing the current exposure by selling part of your portfolio, or decide to stay flat.
I personally use these signals on the weekly timeframe , to decide to feed my accumulation plan at the beginning of each month.

I hope it can be of help to you! Please help me improve the Crypto Force Index! :)

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