Personal Trading Hours (timezone Europe/Amsterdam)

This Personal Trading Hours indicator is intended to specify the times you can trade and make them visible on the chart. Multiple sessions can be specified per specific day of the week and you can give each day its own color if you want.

This can be used perfectly if you are backtesting your strategy manually. You can indicate exactly when you have time to look at the charts and therefore only perform your backtest at those times. Making mistakes that you open en close trades during your sleeptime or worktime in your backtest are gone.

But this indicator is also suitable for live trading.
Filter out the times when you don't want to trade, for example during lunchtime, during opening hours of the exchanges or when you know that big news events will take place during your tradingweek. All the timesessions you do want to trade you can make visible on you chart.

The timezone that is used for this indicator is the timezone: Europe/Amsterdam and therefor only usable for traders in this timezone.

You can use this indicator for timeframes lower then the Daily timeframe with the normal settings. If you want to use this indicator on the Daily timeframe, all the settings in the upper part of the settingsmenu must be unchecked and only the part at the bottom of the settingsmenu can then be used.
This indicator doesn't work on timeframes higher than the Daily timeframe.

If you do not use all the tradingsessions on each day, you have to make sure that all the boxes are filled. So unused session boxes must have the same timeperiodes as the used boxes, otherwise the whole day will be highlighted on the chart.

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