KINSKI Buy-Sell Signal

"KINSKI Buy-Sell Signal" is an Average True Range (ATR) based trailing stop indicator.

In this version, you can change the ATR calculation method using the settings. The default method is hlc3. The HLC stands for High, Low, Close and the /3 divides the result by 3 to give you the average.

The indicator calculates the buy and sell signals using HLC3, Simple Moving Average ( SMA ) and the Exponential Moving Average ( EMA ) as soon as they cross. This indicator is useful with time intervals starting at 15m.

Have fun with it and be careful when buying and selling!

Example Chart:
發布通知: Moving Average Length for buy / sell are now separately adjustable. This is useful for fine tuning different timeframes.
  • Add Time Frame based Moving Average Length. It's activated by default.
  • Add Style Options (Size, Type) for Labels
  • Optimizations for "Time Frame based Moving Average Length": 3min, 5min, 15m, 30m, 45m, 60m
  • Added Ichimoku circles with three variants ("9-26-52", "10-30-60", "20-60-120"). Disabled by default.
  • Fixed Label Size "tiny"
  • Added additional signal "HeikanAshi"
  • rarely used configurable parameters "Treshold Positive" hidden
  • Added ADX (Average Directional Index) and DMI (Directional Movement Index) calculated Buy Signal
  • Added new option "Label - Position" to change the y-location of labels
  • Removed Verified Buy/Sell Signals
  • Removed ReEntry Buy Signal
  • Fixed Positioning of Additional Signals
  • Added Calculation type "Hull Trend"
  • Added option "BUY/SELL Strategy" to choose between the calculation types "EMA/SMA" and "Hull Trend".
  • Changed the visualization of the "ADX indicator" from "BUY/SELL" signal to "LONG/SHORT".
  • added optional Alerts
  • fixed advertisement for low prices
  • added new option "Fractal" for ""BUY/SELL Strategy"
  • uniform definition of integer values
  • added new options "Fractal Bill Williams", "Percentage Price Oscillator" and "EMA/SMA TF based" for the setting "Strategy"
  • added new setting "Show SHORT/LONG Signal"
  • fixed time based x-position of labels (offset -1)
  • extended the setting for "Strategy" with the option "Kaufman Adaptive Moving Average"
  • Performance Optimizations: calculations of strategies outsourced to functions and called if necessary
  • unused additional indicators like heikinashi circles removed
  • following new long/short strategies added: "Ichimoku_9-26-52", "Ichimoku_10-30-60", "Ichimoku_20-60-120

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