Correlated Markets

This indicator is free to all Oasis Trading Group members .

This indicator reads correlations between two symbols of your choice, and displays 4 correlations at the same time.
The upper and lower thresholds are user-definable, alerts and visual indications are given when the line crosses the level.

This indicator uses a correlation coefficient which ranges between -1.0 and +1.0.
A correlation of +1.0 implies a perfect correlation while -1.0 implies the two pairs are in complete opposition.

This is useful not only in Forex trading but also for managing or diversifying your portfolio or for finding patterns,
for example when two Forex pairs move independently or an altcoin splits from BTC .

A circle on the +1 line will display for a positive correlation (or whatever you set the threshold to and vice versa for the -1 line.
Alerts are also available for each correlation pair.

For Access or Questions: Private message us. Thank you.


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