Bitcoin1% : High Leverage Indicator

NOTE: Bitcoin1% is designed to work EXCLUSIVELY on BYBIT BTCUSD PERPETUAL CONTRACT chart on 1min TimeFrame on regular Candles

Bitcoin1% is a specialised indicator suite designed to catch 1% Bitcoin moves in either direction for High Leverage Trading.

Example: At 10x leverage catching 1% Bitcoin move will yield 10% profit
Mechanism Of Action:

1. Identify trend: The script observers multiple parameters on higher timeframes to identify general trend & strength.

2. Take position: Once the trend is identified the script intends to take high probability positions for a 1% move in the direction of the trend. Currently there are 21 conditions that use bespoke datasets, along with conventional datasets like RSI , MA, VWAP to filter & identify high probability entries.

3. Take profits: There are total 4 conditions for exits. Partial Exit & Total Exit for both Longs & Shorts. Although we recommend you book profit at 1% change in price of BTCUSD these 4 conditions will offer high volatility exits along the way, should you choose to hold for longer.

4. Evolving: We learn from mistakes when they happen, bad trades are dissected & studied. New conditions get added & bad trades get filtered out through updates. This keeps the script in sync with the market.
Insight: The script performs best in trending markets, so it avoids trading structureless or sideways movement & expects reasonable judgement on the user's part to avoid trading unusual & directionless market conditions.

Trading Mindset: When Bitcoin1% indicates a long trade, it basically says "BTC is more likely to move up 1% than go down 1% form here" : The script only indicates direction of the next 1% which is all you need for High Leverage Trading. You can set target & stop at 1% & try different variations with experience.

Have Questions? Feel free to PM me on TradingView
Update X6v30:

1. Bollinger Band code update
2. Optimisations for faster performance
3. Some Conditions added for Trade Filtration, to view/plot them go to settings & untick "Max Trade Filtration"

1. Minor code optimisations (Still X6v30)
Change Log X6v31

1. Tweaking L92 Long Condition
Change Log (Still X6v31)

1. Minor Tweaks
Change Log X7v4:

1. Major Update from X6 to X7
2. Bug fixes due to unit error
3. Short conditions added X 3
4. New Long Condition X 1
5. Performance Optimisations
Update X7v5 :

1. Exits now invisible by default, you can activate it from 'settings'
2. Long Exit bug fix
Update X7v6:

1. Long Lines & Short Lines annotated in settings
2. S6 & S3 Short Filtration Enhancement
Update X7v7 :

1. Significant upgrade to Short Assessment Machinery
Update X7v8 :

1. Short condition S6 Tweaks
2. Added Indicator Setup Instructions in settings
Update X7v9 :

1. Minor changes in Instructions (within Settings)
Update X7v10 :

1. Added 2 new mini conditions, one long, one short
2. Fixed plotting bug for L2 condition
3. Added new instruction in settings
Update X7v13 :

1. Reversal Identification coded for the first time! Now script will avoid shorting reversals
2. Added New Reversal Long Condition L83
3. Removed Short Condition S5
4. Reversal short S1mini is now unfiltered
Update X7v14 :

1. Condition L31 complete revision, relies on new data set
2. L32 tweaked
Update X7v14 (same):

1. Minor changes
Update X7v15 :

1. Bug fix condition L32 data set
2. Bug fix condition S7
Update X8v1 :

1. No Trade Zone : is now easily visualised by Red line turning Blue
2. Removed condition L2 & L4 + code cleanup
3. Now detailed usage explanations available in Indicator settings
Update X8v2 :

1. Added long condition L34, catching totally new category of price action
Update X8v3 (Emergency Datafeed Bug fix)

1. Datafeed bug fix option in indicator settings for those using Free TradingView Account : This fixes missing signals, that occurs because less historical data is available to free accounts. This fix however disables a reversal protection algorithm. We are looking for a workaround.
Update X8v4 :

1. Found better solution to the datafeed bug for TradingView Free Account users, now no need to disable 'Reversal Protection'
Update X8v6 :

1. Simplified UI : Now only 3 types of indicators each for long/short. Regular Indicator, Mini Indicator & Golden Reversals
2. Added guidance description in 'plot' section of the Indicator Settings
Update X8v7:

1. Fixed data deficit issue with TradingView free accounts
2. Removed a type of Long + Short protection, better protection already in place
3. Edited the Menu & Instructions, simpler + cleaner now
UPDATE X8v10 :

1. Tweaked overbearing Long Protection
2. Added Two New Long Conditions : L94 & L95
UPDATE x8v11 :

1. Added 2 new long conditions L96 & L97
2. Removed some repetitive clutter, cleaner indicators now
UPDATE X8v12 :

1. Fixed the repetitive 'Reversal Short' Condition
UPDATE X8v15 :

1. New Long Conditions tweaked L96 & L97 that were added yesterday
2. Added two new short conditions S61 & S62

1. Full code scan & permanent data deficit fix for TradingView Free account users
2. Tweaked Long Condition L93
3. Code Optimisations

1. Tweaked Long Protection
2. Tweaked Mini Position Engines
3. Removed Short Condition S2

1. Added Long Condition L98
2. Added Short Condition S63
3. Removed No Trade Zone Conditions L91 L92 L93
4. Tweaked Long Conditions L96 L97
5. Edited Instructions in settings
UPDATE X10v1 :

1. Major Position Engine Overhaul : Now Big Indicators are better managed & displayed, less clutter, more reliable
2. Tweaked Short Condition L63
3. Removed "Max Trade Filtration" option in Settings : active by default
4. Removed "Mini Indicators" option in Settings : active by default
UPDATE X10v2 :

1. NEW FEATURE : 1% Target & Stop displayed/visualised every time there is a new indication, this provides clarity & helps decision making
2. L94 & L96 tweaked, they wont appear in early No Trade Zones, less clutter
3. L99 & S64 Mini Conditions Added
4. Mini Long Engine Tweak
UPDATE X10v3 :

1. Short Position Engine Tweak
2. Removed Condition L83
3. Tweaked L33
UPDATE X10v4 :

1. Memory error fix
2. Correction : In pervious update X10v3 condition S8 was Tweaked NOT L33
UPDATE X10v5 :

1. Added Revised "Increase Filtration" option in Settings
2. Warning Message will be displayed now, if on Wrong Chart or Timeframe
RADICAL UPDATE : bitcoin1% elegance

1. Entire Code Rewritten From Scratch
2. Trend Line Transformation : catches trends earlier, minimises No Trade Zones
3. Brand New Trading Engine : Significantly more Robust
4. added 6hr Bollinger Bands
5. warning message can be disabled in Settings
6. mini indicators are now optional in Settings
UPDATE : elegance v2

1. 4hr chart = Analysis Mode
2. 1min chart = Entry Mode
3. 4hr chart offers Bitcoin1% Dots
4. Heikin Ashi now default Candle
5. 6hr BB replaced with 4hr BB on 1min chart
6. 6hr BB replaced with Bitcoin1% Bands on 4hr chart
7. Added Tweak for Alternate Markets in settings
8. Edited Instructions
9. Added Exits

1. Supertrend Tweak : Now lesser NTZ
UPDATE v3+ (minor)

1. Website updated in settings

1. Bollinger Bands default state : disabled
2. Heikin Ashi no longer compulsory
Update v5 :

- minor update
- updated how to use
- code optimisations
Update v5.1

- minor fix

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